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Residential Building Lawyers

Our residential building solicitors assist clients with all types of construction and development matters, including:

  • Building Contract Advice
  • Drafting Building & Construction Contracts
  • Contractor and Sub-contractor agreements
  • Joint ventures for investments and developments
  • Delay, variation, defects and home warranty claims
  • Home Building Act and Security of Payment Act application
  • Maintenance and obligations on the owner
  • Tenders for Architectural Construction Contracts
  • Owners Corporation advice & disputes
  • Domestic Building Dispute Resolution Victoria (DBDRV) Advice
  • VCAT Proceedings and more

Residential building contract advice

Engaging a builder can be a long and difficult process. We understand you want to proceed quickly, but not getting advice on the contract could leave you financially exposed and disadvantaged.

The building process can become frustrating if you don’t understand the legalities and what’s included in the contract. There are many building industry specific terms and processes that we walk you through as part of our advice. This way you know what to expect when building your house or renewing your companies building contracts.

Before landowners sign a building contract, we recommend getting contract advice from an experience building lawyer. It is important that you understand your obligations and liabilities but most importantly, those of the builder.

This will provide you clear understanding of the contract and terms and conditions as well as the process of building, before, during and after construction has completed.

We can assist to prepare and draft special conditions for the contract to include any additional rights, liabilities or duties. Our lawyers may also recommend that you revise or remove certain clauses to make them clearer.

Building is a process and there are stages and terms that apply to the contract. Getting advice will ensure that you understand what the stages are and what is required or permitted in terms of payment requests, variations, extensions of time and more.

The building contract and agreements are the foundation of your commercial relationship. The building contract needs to reflect and set out this relationship clearly.

Contract terms must be clearly drafted too. If the contract terms are poorly drafted, are old or outdated or outside what the law is, they may not be able to be enforceable. This defeats the purpose of having them drafted in the first instance.

To ensure you can enforce your agreements and building contracts they should be carefully drafted by a lawyer that has industry specific legal knowledge. Building laws are unique and these need to be factored when drafting special conditions in building contracts.

Having clearly drafted contracts is also a trust signal to potential clients. In the process of getting their contracts reviewed their lawyer will be commenting on contract and if it is not well drafted it can be a deterrent.


Our lawyers understand the nuances and have the practical and legal experience to assist individuals and businesses involved in the building and construction industry.

We help clients resolve their issues in a cost-effective and commercially minded approach. Our legal advice is to help clients find the most effective way to achieve their commercial goals and prevent problems occurring in the future.

Call our building and construction lawyers to get advice on your building contract 1300 907 335.

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