Commercial Property Conveyancing Lawyers

At PCL Lawyers we can help you buy or sell commercial property.

Our legal team have extensive commercial property conveyancing experience.

Commercial conveyancing differs slightly from residential property conveyancing in that there are differences with GST and leasing. Commercial property transactions often require ancillary agreements such as due diligence and options etc to be drafted.

We provide clear property law advice and prepare comprehensive commercial agreements and special conditions to suit. We help clients with a range of property portfolios from single holdings to shopping centres and development sites.

We offer a wide range of commercial conveyancing legal services including:

  • Commercial property purchase
  • Commercial property for sale
  • Commercial property leasing (Retail leases or Commercial leases).
  • Treatment of tax treatment, including GST, Capital Gains and Margins Scheme, as well as Land Tax (in consultation your accountant).
  • Due Diligence Agreements & Property Searches
  • Planning & Permit Applications
  • Lodgement and attribution of plans for subdivisions
  • Commercial Lease Advice
  • Special Conditions
  • Licence Agreements
  • Trusts & Joint Venture Agreements
  • Mortgage Advice & Loan Agreements

At PCL Lawyers we provide concise legal advice with commercial understanding. Our lawyers bring a wealth of legal experience and problem solving to help you through commercial property transactions.

As the conveyancing process is more commercial agreements and negotiations need to be handled differently. Our lawyers are skilled at negotiation commercial agreements and disputes and will ensure you get the best advice and representation.

We keep you up to date throughout the process and ensure that you are prepared and organised for settlement.

Finance & Lending

When it comes to finance many commercial investors use their Self Managed Super Fund SMSF to invest or other trust structures. This too has implications in commercial conveyancing. Lending requirements can differ when buying property in a trust structure.

We work with your bank or broker to ensure any queries are responded to quickly and the right documentation is provided.

Our legal advice

We communicate clearly and our team work directly with other stakeholders and advisors to ensure our clients get the best outcomes.

This ensures a smooth commercial conveyancing process for our clients.

Commercial lease advice

Our commercial lease lawyers can review existing leases in place and prepare commercial and retail lease documents. We have extensive experience in handling simple and complex leasing matters end-to-end.

Commercial leasing is nuanced and requires skill to resolve issues quickly and restore harmony to the landlord/tenant relationship. We have a thorough understanding of all aspects of commercial and retail leasing. We can provide you advice and work to prevent issues arising.

Our documentation is thoroughly drafted and considered. We do not rely on standard templates and ensure that your investments is well protected.

This will allow us to be an ongoing partner in your commercial property journey.

There are many factors to consider when buying commercial property.

With a pre-purchase advice from us, you’ll know if the property is eligible for your needs. This way you can make an informed decision on whether to purchase it or not. Possible uses for a property is also a valuation consideration.

As an investor you may want to know improve the property or get a thorough understanding of what permitted uses there are for the property.

Our conveyancing team can help you with:

  • Due Diligence
  • Contract Negotiations & Drafting of Special Conditions
  • Planning Information & Property Searches
  • Commercial or Retail Lease Advice
  • Permits & Applications
  • Lodgement of Plans of Subdivisions & Plan Amalgamations
  • Commercial Agreements – Licence Agreements, Joint Venture Agreements, Loan Agreements etc.

When buying a property the lease is a key issue. If there is no lease in place at the time of settlement the property will be subject to GST. Overlooking this or failing to do proper due diligence can cost you thousands of dollars.

It is important to seek advice before you sign anything or submit an offer.

We can offer in-depth guidance and advice to commercial property buyers, no matter if you’re buying for the first time or are a sophisticated investor.

An experienced commercial conveyancing solicitor will be able to help you by reviewing the contract of sale and drafting special conditions.

We’ll help you understand the special conditions in your contract, any easements or covenants on title and other important information in the Section 32.

We work closely with accountants and other professionals to ensure that your intended use for the property understood and achievable.

Our law firm is a team of experienced professionals helping individuals, SMEs and Organisation with their legal needs.

Speak to a commercial property conveyancing lawyer on 1300 907 335 or complete an online form.

We help vendors prepare for the sale of their commercial properties with our professional service. This includes preparing a contract and section 32 statement and other advice quickly.

We can also assist with any lease advice as this is often crucial to the valuation of your commercial property.

We offer sophisticated tax assistance, including:

  • Contract Advice
  • Commercial & Retail Lease Advice
  • Mortgage And Lending Advice
  • Trust & Smsf Issues
  • Gst & Tax (In Conjunction With Your Accountant)
  • Land Tax

We’ll work closely with real estate agents, tenants, accountants or other professionals that might be involved in this process.

Our Contracts of Sale and other legal documents are produced to a very high standard.

The process of creating statements and contracts is an important part in any real estate transaction. We collaborate with our clients to make it easy for them, resulting in fewer negotiations or questions about their properties during sales process.

Commercial conveyancing disputes

We advise our clients so they understand (and comply) with their legal obligations under the contract to avoid disputes. That said property disputes to arise in commercial conveyancing transactions.

Our property lawyers have the capacity to quickly diffuse issues before they escalate. Should a dispute arise, post sale or during the conveyancing process, our legal team can help. We are well equipped to handle any type of property dispute.

Should further advice be required from experts or barristers this can be quickly arranged. This means you have the best information and advice at hand to make the most informed decision.

Our commercial conveyancing services

Our conveyancers work with you to ensure a smooth conveyancing process. We understand the commercial nuances in dealing with commercial property assets. We work quickly and cost-effectively to resolve our clients’ legal needs.

Our commercial conveyancing lawyers are well equipped to provide you the right commercially sound legal advice.

How we can help with commercial conveyancing.

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