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Domestic Building Disputes

Residential Building Disputes

Let us help you resolve your building dispute quickly and cost-effectively.

Building a new home or office is a large investment. Unfortunately, the building and construction process is often very costly and stressful.

Disputes between builders and homeowners are all too common. These disputes can cause delays, financial losses, and even legal action.

Our building lawyers understand the importance of resolving disputes quickly and fairly. Our professional building lawyers work quickly and decisively to reduce the disruptions to building projects.

We help all parties such as landowners, builders and other professionals in making or defending claims in building disputes.

PCL Property Lawyer
We have years of experience in construction law

We have years of experience in construction law and are dedicated to helping our clients reach a satisfactory resolution.

  • Building Defects
  • Project and Timeline Delays
  • Variation Disputes
  • Payment Disputes
  • General Contract Disputes
  • Terminating a building contract
  • Supplier Disputes
  • Insolvency Issues & Domestic Building Insurance Claims
  • Advice regarding Domestic Building Dispute Resolution Victoria DBDRV
  • VCAT Advice & representation
PCL Property Lawyer

The laws and legal processes for handling building disputes are specific to building and construction. Proper procedures must be followed to be successful and clients can often engage lawyers that don’t fully understand the nuances and it can be costly.

We have extensive experience in managing building and construction disputes and understand many clients want a result but need to manage the relationship as well. Building disputes are often complicated by the fact that the company or person you are in dispute with, you also have to work with.

If appropriate our lawyers can take a more robust or urgent course of action to assert your position and achieve the desired result.

With any legal dispute the end result and strategy is important. Most disputes are successfully resolved if they are managed well.

In a building dispute how an initial claim is drafted is important and can disadvantage you if not prepared correctly.

Our lawyers are skilled in handling disputes and litigation and understand how to best to set out or defend a claim.

From the outset and your position needs to be set out to ensure that if the matter escalates that your position is maximised. We look to strengthen your case and reduce the likelihood of the other party being successful.

How we help our clients

Our building and construction team understand the nature of the construction industry and work with you to resolve issues quickly and cost-effectively.

We are building solicitors who will ensure that your legal rights are understood and enforced. We provide options and guidance to help you resolve any building dispute through the different avenues possible.

Building disputes and issues can get frustrating and complicated when they are not resolved quickly or correctly.

We have the necessary skills to negotiate issues and enforce your legal rights either sensitively or robustly depending on the circumstances.

Not all issues require a heavy-handed approach especially when you need to preserve the relationship with the builder or contractor.

We identify the issues, determine your rights, assess the risks and work out the costs of action versus inaction. Often doing nothing will not assist but only prolongs the resolution of the issues.

Getting legal advice will clarify your position and ensure that you understand the best path forward and what pitfalls to avoid.

Many clients may take initial advice and then have to take more robust action if the issues persist. We work with you with careful consideration of your circumstances to help move your project to a successful completion of the works.

Our Firm

At PCL Lawyers we are a full-service law firm with a dedicated team in the building and construction space. We have exceptional skills and experience to be able support clients in their building disputes.

We provide end-to-end legal services for the lifecycle of our clients, whether you are an individual, business or organisation.

We are focussed on providing clients concise legal advice with commercial understanding. This means that you get the best quality legal advice presented in uncomplicated and considers the commercial ramifications and impacts. We are helping clients to use the law effectively to reach their commercial goals.

Get advice from skilled building lawyers is our best advice. Not all lawyers understand the building legal procedures and have cost their client time and money.

For more information on Domestic Building Dispute Resolution Victoria DBDRV Process Click here.

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