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Rent Determination

Disputes over rent review clauses arise often, particularly following a market review date.

From a tenant’s perspective, the rent review process should ideally start before the option is exercised, where possible. Landlords will usually be in no rush because waiting until after the tenant has exercised the option will take the commercial aspect out of the negotiation usually.

Where the parties cannot agree on market rent, a valuer will ultimately be appointed to determine the current market rent applicable as at the review date.

As a landlord, you want to know your legal rights in relation to the proposed rent review.

As a tenant, you want to know your rights to avoid overpaying.

Where there is a dispute, a lease lawyer who understands the review process and all its nuances will greatly benefit the landlord or tenant.

We are very experienced in providing strategic advice to both landlords and tenants in relation to the very important matter of rent review.

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