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PCL Lawyers can assist you with all aspects of conveyancing of your residential property, including:

  • Houses
  • Units
  • Apartments
  • Land

Commercial property conveyancing requires expert legal advice. PCL Lawyers can assist you with all aspects of preparing and reviewing the contracts for your commercial property purchase or sale for:

  • Offices
  • Industrial sites
  • Land subdivisions
  • Service Stations
  • Retail shops
  • Farms
  • Hotels
  • Other commercial properties

Our experienced lawyers will ensure that you are advised correctly in relation to all matters , including commercial leases, GST and other matters pertaining to a commercial sale and purchase.

Our goal with our conveyancing service is to provide the highest quality conveyancing service in Melbourne. If you want a property lawyer service which is absolutely professional, we absolutely guarantee that you will be happy with our service.

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Conveyancing FAQ’s

What’s the difference between a conveyancer and a lawyer, and why does it matter?

A licensed conveyancer does not receive the same level of training and education in real estate and property law as a solicitor. The work they can perform is restricted to preparing basic legal document and transactional elements that surround the transfer of land.

Conveyancing is a small part that touches on a broad range of Property Law and if a dispute or issue arises outside their scope of conveyancing (which they often do) a conveyancer is legally unable to resolve it or advise you. A lawyer will be able to advise you on the issue and draft correspondence and negotiate in disputes concerning your matter. A conveyancer must refer you to a lawyer to provide these additional legal services and this results in a client paying double. This is where choosing a lawyer over a conveyancer can save you money and time, by having your matter handled by a team that can provide all these legal services. You will have full legal representation and advice at any stage for any circumstances.

In addition to handling disputes and property law advice a solicitor has broader expertise to deal with a variety of other legal matters regarding and relevant to your property. for example, tax implications on the transaction or how the sale may be affected by family proceedings or beneficiaries under a will.

The skill set a solicitor can often provide you with greater value for money and peace of mind, as the services of a property lawyer expand and overlap into other areas, such as contract law, wills and estates and taxation. They can have depth of knowledge on property law, owners-corporations law and other laws that your transaction may help to pre-empt and reduce the likelihood of issues arising.

What does a conveyancer or conveyancing lawyer do for the buyer?

The legal process of transferring ownership of a property on the register or certificate of title from one person to another is conveyancing. The transfer of ownership of the property to you in exchange for payment of the purchase price is called settlement.

Conveyancers and lawyers work behind-the-scenes to prepare the legal documentation and coordinate the conveyancing process to ensure that the transfer of ownership to you is successfully completed. When you enter into a Contract of Sale this is a legal document and there are financial consequences if you don’t comply with the terms and conditions and this the where a lawyer will help and advise you.

Lawyers acting for you ensure the conveyancing process runs smoothly to settlement and they advise and act to protect you as the buyer. This includes:

  • Ensuring that the seller has the right to sell the property and checking that there are no encumbrances on the title that would prevent the transfer of ownership to you;
  • Performing a careful pre-contract review, which includes a review of the unsigned contract used to purchase the property and the sellers’ property disclosure statement (known as a section 32 statement), to identify if there are an risks attached to the purchase or if any terms of the contract require amendment to better protect you as the buyer;
  • Providing you with detailed advice in relation to the contract and section 32 statement so that you have a clear understanding of your rights and obligations regarding your purchase and any risks that you need to be aware of;
  • Communicating with you and guide you on every step of the conveyancing process so that you are well informed about your responsibilities as a buyer from day one;
  • Preparing in advance all the necessary legal paperwork and electronic records to prepare for the transfer of ownership;
  • Ensuring that any unpaid rates and outgoings against the property are paid by the seller by the date for settlement, so that any outstanding rates and outgoings do not roll over to you after settlement;
  • Equating and notifying you of your share of the rates and outgoings payable at settlement for the during of time that you will be the owner for in the financial year of settlement;
  • Providing you with a breakdown of the additional amounts payable by you at settlement in addition to the purchase price, such as stamp duty, title registration fees, bank fees and conveyancing fees; and
  • Coordinating the conveyancing process with other parties involved, such as incoming lenders, outgoing mortgagees on the sellers’ title, the seller, the selling agent, etc, by liaising with these parties to ensure that they are ready in a timely manner to facilitate a smooth settlement without last minute hiccups.
  • Overseeing settlement occurs so that you are able to be the registered owner of the property.

Beyond this conveyancing lawyers handle any issues that arise along the way. We ensure that you understand your rights and responsibilities under the contract of sale and are protected along the way.

Our lawyers are skilled in conveyancing, property and litigation and our team are capable of handling small to large complex matters and disputes.

We focus on providing concise advice with commercial understanding so that our clients have the best representation at all times.

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