Legal Fees

Government or Authority as a part of your compensation

The Government or authority has an obligation to ultimately reimburse your reasonable legal costs.

This means that you can get advice and claim the cost from the Government or Authority as a part of your compensation. It is best to speak directly to a compulsory acquisition lawyer to discuss how the reimbursement works.

The advantage of getting advice before accepting any offer of compensation for compulsory acquisition is that you will know what you can possibly claim. You can then work out if the compensation offer is sufficient to cover all of your costs and the value of your land and/or business.

If you don’t feel the compensation offer is fair and reasonable (and it almost never is in our experience) you can take action against the Government without having to worry about how you will pay in addition to the other costs incurred.

The Government will also pay you for fees for other experts and valuers that you engage if you intend to make a claim for more compensation.

As each case if unique you will need to speak to a lawyer to find out exactly what costs are covered normally when your land or business is being acquired.

To find out more, speak to one of our experienced land acquisition lawyers now on 1300 907 335  or complete the enquiry form on this page for a confidential discussion with one of our property lawyers.

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Compulsory land acquisition

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