Domestic Building Dispute

Domestic Building Dispute Lawyer in Melbourne

Domestic building disputes often arise when an issue exists between a building or land owner and a builder, sub-contractor, architect or other practitioners. These disputes can often arise between more than one party in the same dispute. Our building dispute lawyers can help you resolve your dispute quickly and effectively.

Domestic building disputes are handled differently from commercial building disputes. The Domestic Building Dispute Resolution Victoria (DBDRV) is now a key feature to resolving disputes.

For most, but not all, domestic building disputes you must go through the DBDRV process first. Our building dispute lawyers can help you through this process.

Getting legal advice will assist in you establishing your rights and getting a better outcome at the DBDRV. If you are a landowner you may not be as experienced as a builder who may have been through this process a few times previously, and understands the system.

Once you issue a complaint with the DBDRV, it can take some time to either reach a resolution or otherwise complete the process. These lost months in some cases can be costly and you may also wish to try and resolve the dispute outside of the DBDRV.

Before and whilst you are waiting for a conciliation at the DBDRV there are things you can do to help resolve the dispute in your favour:

  • Find out your legal rights
  • Find out your contractual rights
  • Continue to Negotiate to resolve the dispute
  • Refine and correctly present your issues at the DBDRV

Our building and construction lawyers can help you with the DBDRV process and assist you to be able to define and present your case so that you have the best outcome. We can also assist in attempting to resolve the issue alongside the DBDRV process helping to reach a faster resolution.

If the matter does not resolve at the DBDRV you can go on to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT).

Our building lawyers in Melbourne have extensive knowledge and experience in handling building matters in both residential and commercial construction matters at VCAT.

PCL Property Lawyers Melbourne can provide expert legal advice regarding these dispute, helping you to attain a resolution.

We act on behalf of various clients, including owners, builders, contractors, sub-contracts and owners corporations in assisting with issues that may arise in both commercial and domestic matter.

Whether you are a building owner who’s the victim of defective or incomplete work by a builder, or a builder who hasn’t been paid by the building owner for completed contract work, our experienced domestic building dispute lawyers in Melbourne can provide smart, commercially astute and cost effective legal advice.

Our legal team has extensive experience both theoretical in understanding Building and Construction law and extensive practical experience dealing in the building industry. Our litigation team handle a wide range of matters from:

  • Building Contract Advice
  • Building Contract Defaults
  • Building Defect Rectification & Liability
  • Debt Recovery
  • Builders Warranty Insurance Claims

Why Choose PCL Property Lawyers?

As expert building dispute lawyers, we strive to achieve the best outcomes for our clients, helping them to obtain results which they may not otherwise have achieved on their own. It is not just experience that counts – although that is a large part of it. We are down to earth and practical in our approach also, which tends to assist in getting faster results for our clients.

Our legal services and customer service are of a high standard and we strive to provide Concise Legal Advice with Commercial Understanding. We look for all opportunities to resolve our clients matters quickly and to attain the best outcomes for them.

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